Sill Options

Performance-Driven Sills for Every Space

The right sill can make all the difference. They not only provide the tracking support for our glass wall systems, they offer unparalleled weather performance when closed, and seamless transitions when open.

Diverse Sill Options for Infinite Possibilities

Seamless Transitions

Even the smallest details, like seamless thresholds between spaces, provide a premium experience without sacrificing operational performance.

Maximum Weatherability

We offer a selection of sills designed and engineered for water, air and overall weather performance to keep the interiors protected from the elements.

Accessibility Compliance

We design for modern building codes and requirements, like ADA compliance, to ensure select sills provide accessibility for all.

Sill Innovations

Every space and use case is different, which is why finding the right sill is critical. We engineer each of our sills for lasting performance and are constantly pioneering new, patented solutions for the evolving needs of our clients and their building requirements.

Advanced Customization Options

With Generation 4 systems, create a custom path with rope lights by others to help illuminate the way.

Our inserts can be easily added to provide protection from high heel snags, while maintaining ADA compliance in both our low profile saddle and flush sill models.

Removable inserts resist build up of dirt and debris that would otherwise collect in the bottom track.

Our sill-free configuration utilizes adjustable floor sockets that are ADA-compliant and ideal for interior applications and exterior spaces with milder climates.

Choose the Right Sill for Your Space


Low Profile Saddle Sill with UniverSILL (Outswing Animation)

The UniverSILL is a patented gasket for the outswing Low Profile Saddle Sill. It can be added on when higher weather performance is needed or it can be removed for ADA compliance or barefoot freedom.

Low Profile Raised Sill-Inswing

Flush Sill

  • Fully recessed into floor to create flush profile, virtually disappearing
  • ADA-compliant with insert
  • Thermally broken for better insulation and energy efficiency
  • Designed for use in protected areas or interior applications

Minimal Surface Mounted Sill

Designed specifically for interior applications, the minimal surface mounted flush sill is ADA compliant and when installed with finished flooring, has only a mere 15/16” (23.5 mm) visible grove.

The shallow surface mounted sill allows for easy installation. Sill can be installed on the foundation or sub-floor and finished flooring can butt up to the floor track creating seamless integration between interior spaces

*Sills shown for illustrative purposes only.  Weep holes by others necessary for water rating not shown. 

*Depiction of surrounding conditions may not be accurate. 

*No typical waterproofing, water drainage, flashing, shim space etc… is shown


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