Locking Systems

Configurable Locking for Dependable Security and Ease of Operation

Our reliable locking hardware systems come with multiple configuration options to suit your needs. Easy to engage ­– our systems provide independently tested and proven protection against forced entry for peace of mind.

Locking Technology Engineered for Every Application

Our locking systems mitigate security risks while providing flexibility to accommodate your project's needs. From the convenience of foot-activated bolts to multi-point locking systems, deadbolts, locking rods, and more – we value your safety.

Concealed and Seamlessly Integrated

Our concealed and rattle-free locking rods engage at the turn of a handle providing advanced security seamlessly built into your glass wall system.

Tested to Prevent Any Intrusion

Enjoy peace of mind knowing our locking hardware has been tested rigorously against the most stringent standards for forced entry testing.

Commercial-Grade Customizations

We continue to innovate with cutting-edge security features tailor-made for your project's needs. Contact us to customize a solution that's right for you.

Flexible Locking Mechanisms

Our industry-tested locking mechanisms offer protection from break-ins – with a handle-engaged deadbolt and locking rods that secure the top and bottom tracks.


Our locking rods and deadbolts combine to provide an extra level of defense against potential intruders – quickly turning them away with security that meets or exceeds all forced entry testing.

Select sliding panels are available with foot-activated floor bolts – built for convenience – eliminating the need to kneel and lock your door.

We offer multiple locking options on primary swing panels. From single-point single motion, push/pull handles, or 3rd-party supplied panic hardware – we have a solution that will work for your project.

Explore Locking Features Available to Your System


Multipoint Locking with Latch, Deadbolt and Top/Bottom Locking Rods

This option is possible only on primary swing door.

Includes top and bottom Polyamide capped locking rods, deadbolt, a compatible lock set with lockable latch and lever handles on the inside and outside. Depression of handles withdraws latch. Lifting of handles engages rods and turn of key or thumb turn engages deadbolt and operates lock.

Operable from inside and outside.

Multipoint Locking Animation

Two Point Locking

Standard between each pair of bi-fold panels. 180-degree turn of handle moves locking rods up or down. Uses 7 mm spindle.

Operable from inside only.

Standard Two Point Locking Animation

Deadbolt Lock

Possible only on primary or secondary swing panel.

Push Pull handles on both sides with deadbolt(s) operated by a lockset. Lockset option of having key operations on both sides. With a profile cylinder, panel is lockable with a thumbturn from the inside and a key from the outside. To keep the panel from being blown open, this option should be used with a door closer, but note that a door closer is not possible on a swing panel in a folding system that is not attached to a side jamb

Deadbolt Lock Animation

Foot Activated Floor Bolt

Standard to sliding panels is the foot activated floor bolt. This floor bolt is easily controlled with the foot, eliminating the need to kneel down when locking the panel into place. Foot activated floor bolts have bumpers to avoid metal to metal contact.

Operation from inside only.

Foot Activated Floor Bolt

Patented Self-Activated Automatic Interlock

For straight units, the automatic floor bolt is self-activated by simply moving the panels on to one another. Once the first panel is positioned, the following panel activates the wheel and ramp assembly to automatically release the floor bolt effectively locking the panel into place without the need to lock it manually. No kneeling is required.

Concealed Panel to Panel Interlock

The concealed panel to panel interlock that is foot activated for straight units and for units with angle changes up to 12°. The panel to panel interlock provides additional security to the operator, assuring that the panels are locked firmly in place before they engage.

Concealed Panel to Panel Interlock

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