System Security

Equipped with Smart and Dependable Security Systems

We value your security and safety. Each of our systems is built to protect against intrusion, impact, or tampering, as well as integrate with many third-party security systems — so that you can have both safety and the ultimate peace of mind.

Robust Safety Features and Intrusion Prevention

Rigorously Tested for Forced Entry

All NanaWall products undergo independent testing and certification, among the most stringent standards for forced entry protection.

No Longer the Weakest Link

Often perceived as the weakest link in the home or office, our glass wall systems provide just as much protection as traditional doors and walls.

Tamper Resistant Locking Rods

Our extra-long, tamper resistant dual point locking rods sit concealed between every panel pair and can be easily activated with a turn of the handle.

Selecting Your Locking System

Each pair of glass panels is available with a two point locking system consisting of a top and bottom locking rod for extra security.

Our Industry-tested locking mechanisms offer protection from break-ins with a handle-engaged deadbolt and locking rods that secure the top and bottom tracks.

Our deadbolt locking system can be engaged with the pull of a handle or can be configured for key operation.

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We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality hardware and accessories, while also offering compatibility with other accessory manufacturers.

Compatible Hardware Suppliers

Specialized Solutions for Extra Security

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Designed with high-wind areas in mind, we offer impact-resistant glass walls, independently tested to operate in hurricane zones.

See Hurricane Zone Performance

For areas surrounded by wilderness, our BEARricade system includes, among other features, bear-resistant handles, reinforced structural posts and impact-rated glass.

See Bear Resistant Folding Doors

With a multipurpose frame insert, 3rd party security systems can route their security cabling through a fully-concealed track.

What Our Customers Have to Say

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Cotton On

Cotton On’s unique NanaWall storefront sets itself apart from neighboring storefronts at The Galleria in Houston Texas. Customers are easily engaged and drawn into this stylish store.

See Case Study

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Manhattan Motorcars Hamptons

The project’s main focus was to design a dealership for high-end cars. But, a unique concept evolved to include a restaurant on the second floor with a viewing platform open to the showroom below.

See Case Study

“We use the NanaWalls on a daily basis for egress and ingress of cars. And because we wanted the doors to lock securely and resist storm rains and winds, we couldn’t use sliding doors, which aren’t that great for security.”

— Richard A. Rubio, Manhattan Motorcars Hamptons, Business Owner

See Case Study

Speak with a Glass Wall Consultant to Discuss Your Project Goals and Design Needs

Design Consultation

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