2012 Year in Review – 3. The Big Shrink

Can you see yourself downsizing your home? Greg Kelly, his wife and two sons managed to cut down their house, from more than 3,000 square feet, to one that is half the size.  There is a great article of the North Carolina home featured in the New York Times, read it here. How many of us complain about space, not enough space?  A majority of us are always wondering how nice it would be with more living space, and here a family did the opposite, downsized!  The story behind this project, the before and after transformation – both contribute this to being NanaWall’s 2012 Photo Story contest winner. It was a no brainer for us to showcase it as one of our featured projects of 2012. See some of the photos below and be sure to check out the article on NY Times. More to come on this home in the next few weeks on the blog, keep your eye out for that!



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