3 Tips to Help Builders Sell Homes, Faster!

By Aisha Hansia , January 19, 2016

When it comes to the building industry, the one common goal all builders have is to differentiate themselves by providing unique, quality-driven homes that sell fast! Here are three tips to help you succeed:

Tip 1: Quality over Quantity

Quality far exceeds quantity. Before incorporating anything into your home, look at the quality of the materials/products you choose. Trusted brands that are experts in what they provide may cost you a little more upfront but will save you the call-back hassle down the road. Map down what your ideal client will want and spend your budget there. Today’s homebuyers would rather have fewer products but better products. Make sure to never compromise or sacrifice quality.

Tip 2: Differentiate

What can you provide that another builder can’t? From the company mission statement, goals, to customer service, differentiate your company to earn the trust that it deserves. When you follow Tip 1 and become known for building quality-driven homes on schedule, you’re already one-step ahead from others.

Take it even further and differentiate your work by providing the latest and the greatest because, let’s be honest, that’s what homeowners are looking for. To stay on top of what’s popular, keep an eye out for top design and renovation trends every month.

Tip 3: Research Builder Programs

Spend some time researching builder targeted programs. Various companies have builder friendly programs that will help make your life easier. Instead of browsing through the website for hours to find what you’re looking for, download program brochures, when available. At NanaWall, we’ve spent the time to create a program that focuses on your needs. Download our Residential Builders Program to learn more about the quality of our products and how they’ll help you differentiate your homes, all while providing expedited manufacturing and delivery, minimizing call backs and controlling costs.

If you’re at the International Builders show in Las Vegas this week and you want to learn about additional tips, our builders program and/or how we can help you sell more homes, stop by our booth C3843! For show updates and live tweets, follow us on Twitter @nanawall.