6 Homes That Know How to Embrace Winter

We love watching the seasons change, and we can’t think of a cozier way to do that from behind one of our thermally-broken NanaWall systems. Thermally-broken glass, frames, and sills provide immaculate insulation to keep the cold on the outside and the warm on the inside for exceptional performance when closed. Enjoy the expansive view provided by your NanaWall system without a moment’s discomfort. Take a look at a few of our favorite projects that really know how to winter right.

This series of cozy forest cabins in northern California keeps its interiors warm and dry by employing three of our WD66 systems.

This striking yoga studio in southern Oregon stores its panels out of sight to enjoy opening its HSW60 operable glass walls to the elements – a perfect way to cool down after a challenging Vinyasa practice.

This gorgeous custom-built lake house in Minnesota seals off or integrates its three-season porch in relation to the rest of the house using its SL60 system.

This rocky mountain respite enjoys views of its stunning surroundings all year-long with a little help from a WD66 opening glass wall.

An SL70 system allows this dazzling Yellowstone-adjacent abode integrate with the outdoors.

Our WA67 sliding glass wall creates the ideal enclosure for this cozy yet spacious mountain house in Park City.

Questions about how our opening glass walls can bring the outdoors in even during winter? Contact us at [email protected]