A Corner-less Expansion

By NanaWall Systems, July 30, 2013

San Francisco Bay Area home remodeling contractor and custom home builder, Bill Fry, founder of Wm. H. Fry Construction Company has an impressive portfolio of work in which his talent, passion and skills are showcased. One of his well known-projects, the Bay Area Artist Studio, features a NanaWall operable glass wall system as the main design aesthetic of the studio’s exterior. Not only does the NanaWall system provide an unobstructed opening, seamlessly connecting the indoors and out, but it does so corner-less! General Contractor Bill Fry affirms that “the NanaWall open corner installation defines this project. The door system looks great and has phenomenal performance. We’ve installed a number of NanaWall glass wall systems and are consistently impressed.” His wife even made a YouTube of the project: The NanaWall system adds natural lighting into the studio making it easier to paint and creates a soft lit studio that presents artwork in a natural, serene environment. The studio’s skylights with adjustable shades and transparent and frosted glass windows cater to additional lighting needs.

For more project related information, feel free to contact Bill Fry: bill@billfryconstruction.com