A NanaWall Adds Flexible Space to Public Libraries

By NanaWall Systems, June 21, 2012

We generally try to follow news stories and publications talking about our products on the web. Just came across this story detailing the Duncan Public Library in Oklahoma, where an operable glass wall is being installed for flexibility in the children's area. It's an excellent example of an interior partition - sometimes our readers tend to forget that NanaWalls can just as easily be used for an interior application as exterior, what with the sound barrier qualities and multiple configurations. Read below for an excerpt from the "Duncan Banner":

Aaron Loftus prepares a track for the doors of a Nana Wall at the Duncan Public Library.

“It will give us more flexible space,” Library Director Jan Cole said. “Some Tuesdays, all of our meeting rooms are full. We can turn this into a meeting room.” The Nana Wall allows for the library to close off a portion of the children’s area. This area is often used for StoryTime and Toddler Time. When the wall is closed, it blocks out noises from that area. But the wall is able to fold back when the area is not in use. The addition of the wall increases the use of the library, for example, during winter, so children don’t have to leave the main building to walk to the back building for programs. Cole said the noise barrier is a benefit to other patrons, but keeping the children in the library is also a benefit to the parents. “It allows parents to look around,” she said. “It helps to have all our programming in one area.”

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