An Adjustable Home

By NanaWall Systems, August 7, 2013

Becoming the first of its kind in northern New England, the ROSE Cottage Project located in Concord, New Hampshire achieves a cost-effective net zero home. Centralized around the theme or idea of “aging-in-place,” the sustainability, durability, accessibility and high performance of this home allows it to be a flexible multi-generational home.

Due to the constant changes in our physical ability and strength throughout our lifetime, a one story living can be accomplished on the first floor to accommodate future wheel chair use. A four inch ramp located inside of the garage slopes up equivalent to 4 steps from the garage threshold to the main entry door into the home while other doors are adjusted to facilitate easier entry and exit pathways. One of the main features of the home is a large 12’ NanaWall folding glass wall system with an ADA threshold leads out to a three-season room. According to Harold Turner Jr., President and CEO of The H.L. Turner Group Inc., the NanaWall system was chosen for its well-known reputation, its ability create an air buffer and extend the living space in a visually pleasing manner. Check out his video demonstration of the NanaWall system below: The ROSE Cottage project competed in August 2012 took three years of research to find the most cost-effective and sustainable resources to use in the home. With a project crew of engineers, consultants, architects and managers, the ROSE Cottage project has successfully allocated an entire year of data, which can be found on the projects website along with all of the project details. Learn more about the ROSE Cottage Project here!