Bringing the Great Outdoors In―Flexible Space Management within Hotels

By Liz Snyder, September 24, 2015

flexible space management within hotels with NanaWall

"Breathtaking." "Stunning." "Like nothing else I've ever experienced."

These are the comments that you hope your guests are sharing with others. We certainly expect them to comment as such about the landscape, cultural activities, and fine dining. After all, people travel to experience one-of-a-kind places that they cannot find anywhere else. But shouldn't the accommodations be an equally memorable experience?

How to Create Flexible Space Management within Hotels

While the purpose of a hotel is to provide temporary shelter while one travels away from home, the hallmark of an exceptional facility is a unique, inviting, and innovative atmosphere that the guest will relish as the most luxurious part of the vacation. Many hotels feature distinctive architecture, unique interior design, and state-of-the-art amenities. However, this is only half the picture. Truly visionary designers use flexible space management within hotels to incorporate the beauty of the surrounding landscape into the design of their establishment.

NanaWall Moveable Interior Glass Walls

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One of the most contemporary ways in which a hotel can maximize and enhance its design is through the use of glass wall systems. Folding, sliding, or frameless glass walls can be used strategically throughout a facility to showcase the magnificent landscape, facilitate the impression of open space, or simply create stunning, unique interiors.

Exterior glass wall systems allow the guest to incorporate the scenic landscape into their accommodations package at will. Whether giving the appearance of dining in the great outdoors or permitting a jaw-dropping postcard view from the comfort of a personal suite, glass walls add the breathtaking, natural landscape to the aesthetic appeal of the hotel. Moreover, the walls can be opened to let the fresh air and sweet aroma of the outdoors in but can also be closed against the elements without sacrificing the view that they permit. Exterior glass walls can enhance the appeal of guest suites, lobbies, restaurants, and event areas and are also a stunning transition to outdoor seating areas, balconies, patios, pools, and gardens.

NanaWall Wood Framed Folding Glass Walls

Interior glass walls are a simple way to create an atmosphere of open space within the hotel. Glass walls separate distinct areas of the facility, such as reception, lobby, event, and dining areas, while permitting all spaces to be viewed from any part of the hotel. This design creates an open, airy feel while still affording each area its own space and purpose. Interior glass walls make it simple to showcase all the hotel has to offer. They can also be used aesthetically to create truly unique and appealing spaces within the hotel.

NanaWall, the pioneer in glass walls for over 30 years, not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of a hotel but also improves air quality, ventilation, and energy efficiency while meeting forced entry and weather conditions testing standards. Featured in some of the most prestigious hotels around the world, NanaWall is "re-imagining how buildings, people, and the elements interact."

Contact us to discuss your vision for flexible space management within hotels. Like the vast, open space through the glass wall, the possibilities are endless.