Celebrating All Season Commercial Storefronts—Stump Plants Retail Expansion

By NanaWall Systems, November 30, 2023

NanaWall commercial strofronts

The heart of commercial design, where innovation, durability, and environmental consciousness convene, stands the remarkable Stump Plants. These heartwarming commercial storefronts are not just about enhancing shopping spaces but rather transforming them with opening glass walls. NanaWall helps redefine these spaces with energy-efficient, all-season, thermally broken, and independently tested commercial glass systems. They revolutionize storefronts by enabling them to disappear completely and to lure in those passing by. Removing the barrier between customer and product also removes the psychological barrier between shoppers and sales. In this blog, we will dive into the extraordinary journey of Stump Plants which opened their first retail location as a beacon of biophilic design, in September 2015 in Columbus, OH. Learn how their choice of opening glass walls has helped define and elevate their space.

Stump Plants commercial storefronts

Stump Plants: A Story of Cultivating Dreams into Lush Realities

As we celebrate the sixth anniversary of NanaWall adorning two Stump Plants storefronts, we reflect on this shining example of how commercially rated opening glass walls can cultivate a truly extraordinary shopper’s paradise. Nestled in the quaint German Village of Columbus, Ohio, began as a shared dream between Emily and Brian. Their journey from a design research project to becoming plant care educators has been inspirational. They wanted to make the world a little greener, one plant at a time. They envisioned a space that not only sold houseplants but also demystified plant care for everyone, making it accessible and enjoyable for all. A shop dedicated to nurturing the community, and spreading the joy and tranquility that comes with tending to a piece of nature. Today, with a total of 10 shop locations, they are grateful to have a brilliant team with a shared passion for the benefits of biophilic design. Stump Plants has blossomed into much more than a plant shop but a community hub for plant enthusiasts. A beacon for plant lovers, every visit will leave customers a little more connected to the natural world. 

NanaWall all weather commercial storefronts in snow

Revolutionizing Commercial Storefronts: Durability, Security & Weather Performance

Imagine a retail storefront that not only attracts but captivates the attention of passersby. Versatile, durable, and designed for all-weather resilience, these systems transform storefronts and draw customers in, regardless of the season. Engineered to withstand the rigors of use for commercial storefronts; the ability to open completely or present a secure, transparent facade after hours makes these systems ideal for retail environments. Enhance air circulation, while preventing entrance overcrowding, facilitating a natural flow of customers and a fresh environment. Expertly engineered glass systems have survived the test of time—quite literally. Independently tested for an impressive 500,000 cycles without failure, these systems offer advanced security features like concealed, rattle-free locking systems and compatibility with panic hardware. Competitive commercial storefronts seek to transform usable square footage to create more flexible space, attract customers, and remove barriers to shopping. These systems help differentiate buildings, create better investment opportunities, and increase ROI, and property value. 

ADA-compliant commercial storefronts

Fully Customizable for ADA-Compliant Spaces

NanaWall provides fully customizable solutions to suit the needs of retail and commercial storefronts. They transform fixed walls into flexible openings and are perfect for large spaces even with angle changes. With extremely slim aluminum profiles and maximum design flexibility, you can create virtually any shape with angles and even build around corners. Systems are fully customizable and configurable right down to custom ADA-compliant, and high heel-resistant sills. Businesses prioritize accessible spaces, and these systems feature the industry's only water-rated, ADA-compliant low profile saddle sill, ensuring seamless barefoot transitions and protection from elements. Transform high-traffic areas to eliminate congestion and create adaptable amenities that attract customers and offer strong ROI. Choose from over 200 powder coats, privacy options, and frame materials including aluminum with options for inswing or outswing configurations. 

“When we designed our German Village storefront, we knew we wanted to create a space that opened up the store to be one with nature and the elements. For us, NanaWall was the clear winner because the quality of the system and functionality met our goal of completely opening up the store to the sidewalk. When we had the opportunity to create a store on the main park at the Van Aken District at our Shaker Heights [Cleveland, Ohio] location, once again, we knew that NanaWall was the best solution to make this a reality!” Brian Kellett, Owner.

commercial storefronts design with opening glass walls

Biophilic Design for Healthier Shopping 

At the heart of the business is the philosophy of biophilic design – bringing the outside inside. Opening glass systems enable this connection to nature, creating a seamless transition between the indoor shop and the outdoor world. This design principle is not just about aesthetics but is about enhancing well-being and fostering a deeper connection with the natural world. The integration of folding glass systems epitomizes the essence of biophilic design. Opening glass walls allow natural light and fresh air to permeate the shopping environment. This creates a more vibrant, energizing retail experience, positively impacting both customers and employees. Opening glass storefronts provide the plants optimal light and ventilation to remain healthy and robust all year long whether systems are open or closed. Here, the beauty and tranquility of nature become integral to the customer journey.

wide open commercial storefront design

Final Thoughts

The design featuring NanaWall at Stump Plants transcends a mere business storefront but embodies a shared commitment to green innovation and design excellence. Expertly engineered commercial glass walls serve as transformative tools that reshape business environments and commercial storefronts. These systems foster welcoming, healthy, and productive spaces by enhancing natural light, facilitating open-air designs, and offering unparalleled flexibility. Ideal for a range of settings from retail and offices to educational and hospitality spaces, opening glass walls provide tangible benefits including maximized space, year-round marketing, increased sales, all-season access, and aesthetic elevation. Seeing this green innovation firsthand at Stump Plants is a glowing example of how opening glass walls can improve any commercial space and customer experience.

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photos: Stump Plants