ClimaCLEAR is the Stadium Solution You’ve Been Searching For

By NanaWall Systems, December 7, 2017

One of the biggest conundrums with regard to stadium design is how to afford ticketholders the best views possible while ensuring their comfort and safety. Keeping the elements at bay can be a challenge; that’s why we came up with the idea for ClimaCLEAR.

ClimaCLEAR is comprised of a limitless number of monolithic, non-thermally broken panes with weather seals so clear (they have a light transmittance of 75%) you won’t even know they’re there. It’s the only patented frameless individual panel sliding system designed to give you seamless, transparent weather protection, without any visual disruptions between you and the action.

ClimaCLEAR was designed not only with stadiums but architects in mind. Not only can ClimaCLEAR accommodate an unlimited number of panels, but panels exit the opening effortlessly.

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Panels can be parked anywhere. This system makes it easy to design around obstacles to provide an unparalleled sense of versatility – former dead space becomes a boon when used to house stacked panels. Park the panels outside the plane of the opening in trapped space, or park them out of sight in a pocket – the possibilities are endless.

Our systems create exclusive and unique suite facades, suite space divisions, restaurant entrances, press booths, and attractive fan areas while expanding the usability of these areas far beyond game day. ClimaCLEAR allows for maximum transparency with no vertical stiles providing unobstructed sightlines, open views, natural daylighting, and a clean, modern appearance.

ClimaCLEAR provides water resistance via its proprietary male/female panel interlocks, translucent vertical weather seals, and double fin horizontal brushes. These features keep inclement weather out, certainly, but they also safeguard interiors while the stadium is being cleaned, and even power-washed.

Since even a pleasant day can damage interiors, our panels utilize laminated glass to protect luxury suite interior finishes and block UV rays.

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A swing panel is included on one or both ends of the system for traffic flow management and the ADA compliant recessed low profile saddle sill comes standard. Doors have been commercially tested to 500,000 opening and closing cycles. Panel floor bolts are foot activated securely locking the panel into place without the need to kneel down. ClimaCLEAR passed forced entry requirements with flying colors, so security need never be an issue.

NanaWall innovative opening glass walls bring the fan base together and provide unique event experiences. If what you seek is a way to protect a stadium’s most luxe interiors while providing an unparalleled view, ClimaCLEAR is the solution.

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