Create a Bathroom Oasis

By NanaWall Systems, December 12, 2017

Design Ideas for Glass Walls for Bathroom Interiors

glass walls bathroom

Everyone needs a respite, a place devoted to relaxation alone. Soaking away one’s cares is an ideal way to unwind, but the atmosphere for such an endeavor is everything. For maximum effect, we suggest a bathroom designed with relaxation in mind is key with the benefit of glass bathroom walls.

glass bathroom walls

Opening glass walls are a huge boon when it comes to creating a restorative environment. They let in fresh air, natural surrounds, and the soothing song of the outdoors. The transparent façade admits natural light and lends the room a sense of spaciousness.

bathroom glass wall

The bathroom above allows the homeowners to open the wall to the backyard and immerse themselves in the outdoors.

glass walls bathroom

Our opening glass systems are not limited to walls, however – an opening glass window system also has a profound effect in creating a wide open, rejuvenating atmosphere.

glass bathroom walls

Whether your bathroom is being designed from scratch or is desperately in need of an upgrade, our folding and sliding glass systems are all you need to transform your washroom from an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary spa.

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