Creating Luminous, Secure ATM Vestibules with Opening Glass Walls

By NanaWall Systems, October 2, 2018

NanaWall frameless glass walls system for ATM vestibules

The new architecture of financial institutions prioritizes light, open, and translucent design. The design of ATM vestibules can be tricky. Transparency is a convenient way to increase the visibility of vestibules while providing both a desirable banking environment and shelter from inclement weather.

It is crucial to the safety of bank patrons and to the physical infrastructure of the bank itself, to not make compromises with regard to security. Opening glass walls embody the aforementioned attributes while adding flexibility and security.

NanaWall HSW75 frameless opening glass wall

ATM vestibules or lobbies with our HSW75 frameless opening glass wall can remain open during business hours, integrated with the rest of the bank floor, and then be securely segregated after the bank closes for singular access and operation. When the panels are not in use, they can be conveniently moved out of the way and stored in a customized stacking bay or closet.

Multipoint locking in addition to long, tamper-resistant dual point locking rods between panels ensures that each of our opening glass wall systems meets or exceeds forced entry testing.

The HSW75 system does not require a floor track, allowing the transition between bank and vestibule to be utterly seamless when the system is open. The system achieves great strength via the utilization of floor sockets, which use the insertion of stainless steel rods to lock panels securely into place.

Opening glass walls and ATM bank vestibules

Locking and unlocking of panels is easy, and does not require employees to kneel down to do so. The HSW75 can be outfitted with self-activated auto interlocks and hand-height locking, made possible by the locking ladder pull that resides within the integrated swing panel.

Opening glass walls are not only supremely secure, they also create a welcoming portal to the interior of the bank beyond when open. The HSW75’s swing panel has passed cycle-testing of over 500,000 uses to ensure that it can be opened and closed numerous times a day without ever skipping a beat.

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