Demystifying Simulated Divided Lites

So, what is a simulated divided lite? You might ask.

Generally speaking, a divided lite describes fenestration with multiple panes of glass that are separated by narrow pieces of wood or metal known as mullions.

In the context of simulated divided lites however, while multiple panes of glass may or may not be present, the mullions are actually attached over the glass.

So what’s the point of these faux divided lites? Well, it’s fairly simple. While we feel pretty certain that a NanaWall system goes with everything, the simulated divided lites lend an intricate, dramatic look to our systems that can help them more easily meld with more traditional architectural styles, or to coordinate with adjacent window fenestration.

Simulated divided lites can add visual interest and an extra dose of charm, like in this lovely library in Palo Alto.

Or they can help an opening glass wall seamlessly integrate itself into a larger, overarching contemporary aesthetic – like in this system at Skullcandy HQ.

Simulated divided lites are available with all of our folding, or single track sliding systems.

Questions about simulated divided lites? Send us an email at

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