Designing Winning Dealerships with NanaWall

By NanaWall Systems, November 7, 2017

NanaWall minimal framed folding glass walls

Dealerships sell the idea of travel, transportation, and the possibilities therein. They lead us into a process of imaginative inquiry in which we ask ourselves, what would it be like to be behind the wheel of this or that vehicle? The translucence and mobility of our opening glass walls remove barriers both psychological and physical, between the dealership itself and the automotive desires held by its clientele.

NanaWall folding glass wall system

A NanaWall system allows clients a preview of the dealership’s offerings prior to having ever stepped foot in the showroom - the view from afar of the gleaming vehicles within, luring them inside.

NanaWall opening glass wall systems

Transparent divisions between showrooms and sales offices or service bays can be used within the building’s interior to create a beautiful sense of aesthetic continuity.

Our products have been engineered to withstand tough commercial environments. Select systems have passed cycle-testing of over 500,000 uses without ever skipping a beat. Our walls have also been tested to meet forced entry requirements and passed with flying colors, so you can have full confidence in the security of your inventory.

Aluminum Framed Folding Glass Wall

The breadth of our products, from folding to single track, to frameless, to minimally framed large panel sliding glass walls, can accommodate a nearly endless array of configurations and designs. Opening glass walls can easily integrate with curtain walls or glass facades.

NanaWall folding systems

Our systems can be built to your specifications to open to the ideal size through which a single employee can successfully maneuver your inventory without risk of damage. We have many accompanying floor track options to meet the requirements of your project, including ADA compliant sills, higher weather performance sills, and even a flush sill option, which can be installed to lie flush against surrounding finished floors in order to be easily driven over by transiting vehicles. All of our sills are built to withstand the impact of a vehicle, specifically the pressure exerted upon it by the vehicle’s tires, without issue.

NanaWall Opening glass walls

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