How to Become the Ultimate Host: Change Your Kitchen Window

By NanaWall Systems, April 10, 2019

NanaWall operable window unit

Figure 1: A NanaWall window system can connect the kitchen to the bar and the patio.

Picture this scenario taking place at your home: It’s a sunny afternoon on a nice spring day and your friends are over to enjoy an evening at your outdoor dining area.

You’re cooking in the kitchen while talking with your friends who are enjoying a drink at your outside bar – and you’re not having to shout to communicate with them. In fact, they’re so near that they have a front row seat to your own kitchen. Appetizers are ready and, from within the kitchen, you place the dish on the bar for guests to enjoy. They’re happy with a drink in hand and food to start on.

NanaWall folding windows system

Figure 2: Interact with your guests directly from the kitchen.

Now it’s about 6:30pm, still light out, and nearly time for the main event. From inside the kitchen, you pass the marinated meat to the grillmaster who is standing outside next to the grill he/she is firing up.

Thirty minutes later you bring all of the dishes to the table outside. Although your outdoor dining area isn’t large, there’s plenty of room for a bar, table, grill, and human interaction.

How is all of this happening within such a small area? How is the kitchen, bar, and grill area all within reach?

Answer: a window. That’s all it takes to recreate this entertainment experience. Specifically a NanaWall operable window unit, because it folds all the way open to create an unobstructed expanse.

NanaWall window system

Figure 3: The NanaWall window system can create a natural bar when opened.

A NanaWall window system opens to create an outdoor bar with extended counter space. All you need to do is get the stools. Simultaneously, the opening acts as a convenient passageway for things to transfer from inside the kitchen to the patio area – and same vice versa. It’s an innovative, efficient use of space because combining the bar with the kitchen counter frees up your outdoor dining area.

NanaWall products have superior performance in regards to weather protection, energy efficiency, and maneuverability—but the important part about this concept is the environment it creates for the homeowner. Picture yourself in the beginning scenario. You don’t need to reconstruct your entire patio area to achieve the sunny, outdoor gatherings you dream of; all you’ll need is a NanaWall window system.

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