How to Select Your NanaWall Product

By NanaWall Systems, March 13, 2014

Did you know that there are more than 15 different NanaWall products, and multiple systems can be used for the same project? By using our Contact Us. Start your product search by logging onto our website and click on the “Our Products” tab.

On the right hand side, click the green button “Product Finder” to be directed to the “Product Selection Tool” below.

Before making any of the selections on the right hand side, it’s important to understand what each of the terms mean. Below you’ll find a brief explanation for each option. Based on your selections, the chart on the left hand side will highlight which systems best fit your needs.


  1. What is your application type?

Residential- Folding or sliding doors should not be limited to any specific room. NanaWalls can be used as essential focal points in the dining room, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, pool houses, entertainment rooms, etc. View examples. Commercial- NanaWalls can be found in all types of restaurants, retail stores, hotels, offices, auto showrooms, entertainment/recreation areas, sport venues, educational facilities, religious institutions and health care/ assisted living. Our doors can literally be found anywhere, even in zoos across the States! View examples.

2. Which sill option do you prefer? Raised Sill: a higher weather performance sill that is thermally broken for better insulation and energy efficiency. What is a thermal break? "A material of low thermal conductivity that is inserted between members of high conductivity in order to reduce heat transfer." Flush or Saddle Sill: the flush sill works best in interior projects but can be used in protected exterior applications where water performance is not required. The saddle sill, our most popular sill, can be used in interior and exterior applications. Most saddle and flush sills are thermally broken for better insulation and energy efficiency. Inserts are available for ADA compliance for both sill types. No floor track: sill not applicable. Locking rods in panels engage in adjustable floor sockets. Surface Mounted Interior Sill: best used in interior projects or protected exterior projects. This sill rests above the subfloor for easier installation and has adjustable flanges. Also, inserts are available for ADA compliance.

3. Mounting: No preference: by selecting “no preference” you are okay with either a structurally Top Hung or Bottom Mounted system. Top Hung systems literally “hang” the panels from the top track while Bottom Mounted systems rest the systems weight at the bottom track. Before selecting the option of a Top Hung system, ask your architect, contractor or structural engineer if the lintel above is strong enough to support the weight of your glass doors. Cannot be top-hung: by selecting this option, you are narrowing your NanaWall system search to only Bottom Mounted systems.

4. Max Height Range. Select the maximum height range of your opening. 8 feet or less 8-9 feet 9-10 feet 10-12 feet

5. Select Your Glazing. Glazing refers to the use of single or multiple layers of glass within each door panel. Note: the greater the number of glass layers, the greater the insulating value of your NanaWall Single: one layer of glass Double: two layers of glass Triple: three layers of glass

6. Would you like your NanaWall system to be framed? Note: All folding glass doors will be framed. Single-track sliding systems have both frame and frameless options. Yes No

7. Will your NanaWall System be used in an interior or exterior application? Exterior Interior

8. Where would you like your panels to stack? Panels can remain in opening: after opening your NanaWall, panels will stop at the end of the track on the right, left or both ends of the track depending on your configuration. Panels can be out of opening: after opening your NanaWall, panels will be guided beyond the actual opening and will be put into a stacking area.

9. Performance Ratings: Each specific performance meets individual guidelines, which can be found on the internet. Florida Approved NFRC/Energy Star Rated Thermal Acoustical Performance Tested Miami Dade/AAMA Help meet LEED Criteria Swing door 500,000 cycle tested

10. Weather Performance: Standard Weather Resistant: meets basic weather resistance Premium Weather Resistant: exceeds weather resistance Hurricane Approved

11. Wall Design: Straight Segmented Open Corner: your NanaWall system will be configured to meet or work around a corner to achieve a corner-less opening Window/Door Combination: an opening consists of both shorter and taller panels. Both meet within the same opening. Note: Screening solutions are available as an accessory for all of our products to help prevent bugs and small insects from entering your home. After making all of your selections, glance at the chart on the left hand side and explore the products names in bold.

If your specific responses conflict with multiple systems, you’ll find the popup below. Simply, change one or more of your options.

Once you’ve narrowed your NanaWall search to just a couple systems, explore your possible folding/sliding door solutions. Then, Find Your Local Representative and visit a showroom to see our products in action!