HSW Systems 01: The New Shape of Flexibility

By NanaWall Systems, September 27, 2018

NanaWall Single Track Sliding system

Your vision shouldn't be limited by the constraints of standard fenestration, which is why our products offer capabilities beyond the conventional. Our HSW Systems’ single track sliding glass walls present innovative solutions to your design problems and provide transformative design flexibility.

HSW Systems Provide Unlimited Shape Flexibility

NanaWall Aluminum Framed Sliding Glass Walls

HSW Systems bring new shape to flexibility. A clean sweep of individual top-hung sliding panels are able to navigate meandering curves to allow for rooms that go beyond traditional straight boundaries. The single track sliding walls glide with ease and are able to store out of sight creating uniquely shaped rooms within rooms as needed.

NanaWall framed sliding glass wall system

Shapes with obtuse angles are possible with our HSW Systems as seen below at Lumen in Detroit where this HSW60 serves as three walls in this dynamic restaurant design.

Single track sliding glass wall with HSW Systems

With HSW systems, a clean sweep of panels are able to negotiate angle changes up to 90°—navigating around multiple corners as seen in the residence below.

NanaWall sliding glass wall systems

The single track of HSW systems is able to be laid to the inside or the outside of structural supports or columns as show in this lakefront residence, allowing for a graceful segmented curve in which to view the beautiful scenery.

NanaWall Single Track Sliding system with aluminum frames

Walls may be designed with open corners or even multiple open corners as done with this beautiful wood system HSW66. Furthermore, to maximize the usability of the interior space, the panels are able to stack outside and out of the way in a customized stacking bay.

single track sliding system combines with solid wood

With HSW Systems, your designs can take new shape. Set your imagination free—Boundaries Unbound™.

NanaWall single track sliding walls

Questions about how our HSW Systems can unlimit your designs? Send us a message at info@nanawall.com