Introducing NW Acoustical 645, Our STC 45 Rated Folding Glass Wall

By NanaWall Systems, September 25, 2018

NanaWall Generation 4 STC 45 rated folding glass wall

As a company run by engineers, it should go without saying that we value education. As many of us spent a great deal of time in school, we understand how important a well thought out learning environment is.

Scholastic environments are eternally busy and always full of activity. The noise produced in such places can be distracting and a disadvantage to the learning process, which is precisely why we created NW Acoustical 645.

NW Acoustical 645 folding glass wall system

NW Acoustical 645 is the first floor supported folding glass wall able to achieve STC 45 acoustic isolation. This system utilizes sleek, aluminum framing and acoustical glass to achieve optimal sound isolation with a range of 35 STC to 45 STC. The sprawling glass panes also allow natural light to flood the interior spaces.

NanaWall sound-rated folding glass wall system

Floor supported systems like NW Acoustical 645 are ideal for applications where the load-bearing capability of the header is a concern. NW Acoustical 645’s weight is carried by its lower stainless steel wheel assembly, which glides atop the stainless steel floor track. The wheels themselves have a unique Gothic arch design that enables the equal distribution of the system’s weight, creating less friction for quiet, smooth operation. The system’s flush sill is ADA compliant, surface mounted, and easily installed with only a 15/16” groove left visible.

Minimal Surface Mounted Flush Sill for Seamless Integration

This folding system allows for larger opening sizes and flexible space management by allowing for either paired or quad panel sets. The panels can be moved and stacked to either the right or left side of the system, allowing the panels to reside where most convenient at any given time. The orientation of the system can be either inswing or outswing.

NanaWall floor supported folding glass walls

NW Acoustical 645 panel frames are slim and contemporary, contributing only minimal sightlines. Mullions can be added to better integrate with more traditional aesthetics.

Swing doors are available at the side jamb to accommodate the flow of entry/egress, and can be used at one or both ends of the system. Swing panels can be customized to include higher kickplates, panic hardware, and top door closers.

NW Acoustical 645 is the perfect solution to creating a luminous, flexible, and acoustically isolated scholastic environment.

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