Michael Jordan and NanaWall Salute Derek Jeter #RE2PECT

By NanaWall Systems, July 17, 2014

Just in time for his final All-Star Game appearance, Derek Jeter gets saluted for his 20-season career with a new commercial release featuring Michael Jordan and the NanaWall SL25 earlier this week. Jeter, future hall of famer, will retire after the 2014 season.

Known for his performance, desire to improve, and his ability to deliver, it’s safe to say that Derek Jeter has earned all of the respect that he’s been given. As a form of showing our respect to The Captain, our SL25 system salutes Derek in the commercial, right behind Michael Jordan. Here’s why:

  • Performance: With Derek Jeter, it’s all about his constant ability to get on base and to perform each night. Similarly, our SL25 performs exceptionally well standing up to challenges of wind, water, extreme temperatures, sound buffering, forced entry, and structural load. The SL25’s long lasting durability will certainly impress.
  • Track Record: Currently standing at 3408 hits, Derek is ranked 9th on the leaderboard while our SL25 stands strong in first place with over half a million panels installed worldwide! The SL25 also makes a daily appearance in several stadiums across the US including the Yankees Stadium!
  • Aesthetics: Derek Jeter may have the charm to impress the ladies, but our SL25 creates a lasting impression that WOWs everyone! The frameless, clean-lined glass panels create a stunning appearance.