NicholsBooth Architects Offices – San Francisco

By Office Snapshots, August 18, 2016

NicholsBooth Architects have recently design and moved into their new architecture studio in San Francisco, California.

The opportunity to design their own new office allowed NicholsBooth to practice what they preach—to create a flexible space that acts as a showroom for their design work. From the entry into the fuchsia-colored elevator lobby to the unobtrusive receptionist’s desk, the design invites visitors to experience the space in their own ways.

With exposed waffle-deck concrete ceilings, the central workspace strikes a balance between openness and too much visual or auditory noise. Individual workspaces are customizable with adjustable-height desks and a U-shaped layout.

The office design embraces the idea that informal meetings often happen in the kitchen. The centrally located kitchen faces the main workspace and allows employees to simultaneously enjoy food and drink and the casual company of their colleagues. All the necessary but messy features of any office—printers, copiers, and supply storage—are places at the back of the kitchen, hidden from everyday view behind a sculptural low height wall.

The conference room features a retractable NanaWall, hidden television, and a conference table made from pieces of the Bay Bridge. The long main corridor doubles as an art gallery, housing work from local and in-house artists.

The final product reflects NicholsBooth’s philosophy and approach to workplace design.

Original Article: Office Snapshots

Photography: Jasper Sanidad