Office Trends: How Amadeus Created a Flexible Office Floor Plan

By NanaWall Systems, March 27, 2012

Although people are accustomed to FlexSpace in learning centers, FlexSpace is not limited to the education sector. The concept can be adapted for use in office spaces, where flexibility is a key criterion. For example, the company Amadeus created FlexSpace at their new headquarters in Florida. Read on to learn more about their design solution. Amadeus recently completed construction on a $5 million improvement project. The corporation leased a 150,000 sq ft office space in One Park Square, Doral, Florida, for Amadeus North America’s new regional headquarters. The project was designed by Wolfberg Alvarez Architecture and Engineering and built by developer Stiles Construction.

The FlexSpace layout in Amadeus’ reception area is shown in the floor plan above. Operable glass walls partition two smaller areas into board rooms when the panels are in the closed position, alternately, they can be opened and stacked out of sight to create one large shared space. The flexible floor plan provides either an open-concept layout or distinct private workspaces when desired.