Opening Glass Walls: Anatomy of a Million Dollar Listing

By NanaWall Systems, July 14, 2021

opening glass walls in million dollar listing

What makes a million dollar listing and how can opening glass walls contribute to the property’s overall value? As you browse through listings on Zillow or you’ll begin to easily decipher the highly coveted features that make a million dollar home. Whether you are looking to sell, purchase, or simply upgrade your current property, getting the most bang for your buck and maximizing ROI is a benefit for both homeowners and real estate agents—from luxury brand tags and high-end design aesthetics to attractive locations and accompanying lifestyles. For realtors, these key marketing features make for attractive listing statements and speedy sales. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics that make a million dollar listing so appealing.

Increasing Home Value with NanaWall Opening Glass Walls

Optimized Location

Location, location, location! If there is one thing that plays a significant role in determining the price of a home is its proximity to an affluent neighborhood, shopping centers, schools, and extravagant views of city skylines and natural landscapes. From a penthouse atop New York City’s skyline to a secluded dwelling on a mountaintop, residential glass walls enhance views with barely-there frames—or no frames at all—to truly make the most out of location. For realtors, showcasing an open house with a large expansive opening could also help sell a nicely manicured backyard or pool area.

residential glass walls

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Increased Usable Living Space

When we think of high-end listings, we often picture luxurious mansions with massive pools, extensive gardens, and more space than we could ever need, but that is not always the case. A significantly smaller property can fall under the million dollar tag by extending a home’s usable living space to the outdoors, especially in large cities where backyard space is scarce. Whether it be in the form of a sunroom, patio, or deck, NanaWall moveable residential glass walls seamlessly transition interiors into outdoor areas, increasing livable square footage, and presenting a key selling feature for real estate agents. When comparing to other generic glass walls, using the NanaWall brand prestige to differentiate a listing from others in the area can guarantee a sale by advocating for durable and long-lasting home features.

NanaWall opening glass walls

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The Indoor/Outdoor Connection

One selling point that all million dollar listings have in common: lifestyle. Pricier houses tend to employ features that elevate the at-home experience attributing to a more lavish style of living. In today’s market, the indoor/outdoor lifestyle has significantly influenced the way homes are built and how they connect to the outdoors. Expansive fenestration, such as moveable residential glass walls, has become an essential element in maximizing the outdoors by increasing sightlines and the ability to seamlessly connect to the open air. From attractive window/door combinations to curved walls and open corners, NanaWall opening glass walls can be customized to any unique home design challenge. The more attractive features the home presents, the higher the asking prices and sales. Imagine all the key selling points you can boast about with just one NanaWall system!

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Innovative Ways to Conserve Energy

The eco-friendly movement has influenced everyday decisions, including what we look for in a home. More and more, we are seeing sustainable and energy-efficient features like solar panels and improved ways to light and ventilate our homes, which can significantly increase overall value. These elements can make a home more appealing due to increased demand and the fact that people are becoming more environmentally conscious. As an investment and luxury feature, energy-efficient opening glass walls in extreme climates can considerably decrease energy usage by keeping temperatures at bay as well as comfortable interiors year-round. The selling point: investing in a million dollar home with high-end, durable features like NanaWall residential glass walls will lead to savings on energy bills in the long run. Potential homeowners will certainly like the idea of lower energy bills.

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High-Performance, Low Maintenance Features

State-of-the-art appliances, multi-car garages, pools, hot tubs, and even moveable residential glass walls can increase the value of a home into a million dollar listing. Another luxurious addition is the ability to save time and money over time by implementing highly durable home features and materials. In the case of opening glass walls, these easily operable systems require little maintenance over time compared to a cheaper alternative that may not be as durable or easy to maintain. NanaWall systems have been independently tested for energy efficiency as well as air, water, structural, operation, and forced entry with excellent results. Durable, high-performing, quality products assure homebuyers that investing in a million dollar home will yield a positive ROI and decrease the need for repairs and replacements.

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Final Thoughts

There’s something oddly satisfying about browsing through high-end real estate listings, and there is no doubt that their swanky features inspire renovations and additions in the hopes of recreating the look and feel in our current homes. Whether you are selling, buying, or simply looking for ways to increase the value of your dwelling, there is no doubt that NanaWall opening glass walls are a common feature in million dollar listings that contribute to attractive listing descriptions and overall selling points. From optimized views to the indoor/outdoor experience, these high-performance systems are sure to take a home to the next level.

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