Opening Glass Walls: Design Inspiration for Every Room

By NanaWall Systems, July 1, 2020

opening glass walls design inspiration in every room of Tiburon home

Achieving the indoor/outdoor experience with large windows and glass walls has evolved from the living room to the entire house. When talking about maximizing space, natural light, and fresh air, these necessities expand further than just the kitchen and living room. Opening glass walls can be customized to any room in the house and based on the desired comforts of homeowners. Find design inspiration in these residences from a range of locations and climates that take full advantage of the benefits of opening glass walls throughout the house.

Opening Glass Walls in the Kitchen

opening glass walls kitchen transition in wood in Seattle home

This Seattle kitchen features a kitchen transition that immediately transforms the space into an outdoor dining area. When closed, this WA67 clad system offers the best of both worlds—the elegant aesthetic of wood inside and the protective performance of aluminum outside.

indoor/outdoor kitchen with two wood folding glass walls

Natural wood accents and opposing walls WD65 folding glass walls elevate the biophilic design of this Hawaii kitchen. The folding window to the left converts the space into an open bar perfect for entertaining guests or al fresco dining.

grand philadelphia kitchen with bridge view through opening glass wall

Find design inspiration in this Philadelphia kitchen overlooking the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. An operable 30-foot opening featuring a NanaWall SL70 provides an indoor/outdoor experience and ensures weather protection from the unpredictable climate outside.

Dining Rooms with a View

open view of nature out of folding glass wall in dining room

Just a few miles away from this Wapiti residence stands the iconic Grand Canyon. With opening glass walls present in almost every room, these homeowners enjoy the best of what desert views have to offer with tall SL70 NanaWall systems. This weather performing system has been engineered for larger openings in extreme environments.

beautiful tree lined view in dining room through cero minimal sliding glass wall

This West Virginia Home seamlessly blends with the outdoors with vanishing cero® minimal sliding glass wall. Finding design inspiration in the withering Fall leaves outside, the interior furniture and décor match the warm colors of the horizon.

folding glass wall partially open in dining room with hillside view

Mid-Century meets biophilic design in this Brentwood, Tennessee residence. The open concept dining area opens up to the expansive deck outside with the help of a SL60 folding glass wall. When closed, the minimal frames of this glass system are barely visible, perfectly framing the green mountain views outside and providing enough natural light to illuminate the entire area.

Bright and Airy Bedrooms

grand bedroom retreat with opening glass wall

From the chandelier to the chimney, this spacious bedroom was adequately designed to embrace the outdoors. An SL60 folding glass system provides and endless feeling of space and invites the outdoors in when opened.

indoor/outdoor bedroom with open corner sliding glass wall

As if there were not any walls at all, this mid-century modern California residence opens up its bedroom to enviable views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The open corner design offered by a single track sliding HSW60 that stacks out of the opening provides a one of a kind lounging experience by eliminating walls and opening up to majestic sunsets.

bedroom retreat with NanaWall SL45 FoldFlat opening glass wall

Rivaling a resort-like experience, this Santa Barbara bedroom provides a dreamy retreat to outdoor recreation. The NanaWall SL45 opening glass wall features FoldFlat technology that provides a barrier-free opening to the massive pool and mountain views awaiting outside.

Design Inspiration for Serene Bathrooms

freestanding bathtub in front of open folding glass wall in oceanfront home

Like an illusion, this minimal oceanside bathroom bounces off the natural light seeping through a SL70 system. A large bathtub has been strategically situated in front of the folding glass wall for the ultimate relaxation experience accompanied by the sound of crashing waves and refreshing ocean breeze.

floor to ceiling minimal sliding glass walls in bathroom design inspiration

The minimal features of this bathroom are accentuated by the minimal features of the cero® minimal sliding glass walls. Three large floor to ceiling glass panels eloquently frame endless ocean views and provide easy egress to the bathtub after a long day at the beach.

spa-like bathroom with folding glass wall open to freshair and natural daylight

Glass surrounds this Sausalito bathroom, from the shower to the SL60 opening glass wall that opens up to the balcony. Being near the San Francisco bay, this residence enjoys views of the water and Golden Gate Bridge—talk about a bath with a view.

Grand Living Rooms

living room design inspiration with opening glass walls highlight view of golden gate bridge

For this Tiburon, CA residence, every room features a view to the San Francisco Bay with the help of several HSW60 systems. The California sunsets perfectly blend in with natural light wood tones inside the home.

new york city highend townhome with indoor/outdoor living and folding glass walls

The epitome of open concept living has been achieved by this New York City townhome. Two large SL60 opening glass wall units open up both the living room and dining room areas to an outdoor balcony allowing both fresh air and natural light to overtake the space.

Pool House and Cabana

cabana design inspiration with frameless glass walls for indoor/outdoor living

NanaWall SL25 sliding glass walls are barely visible in this rustic cabana where the roof seems to levitate as a protective canopy of wood and steel.

floor to ceiling cero minimal sliding glass walls in pool house

With design inspiration deriving from biophilic principles, this cero® minimal sliding glass wall transforms the space into an indoor/outdoor pool. The expanse of the sliding glass panels mimic the grandeur of the massive pool inside as well as the minimalist vibe of the architecture.

Final Thoughts

Whether it be by offering serene expansive views or by opening up the space to natural light and fresh air, these residences enjoy the beauty, benefits, and performance of opening glass walls. The innovative features of NanaWall systems, from open corners to thermal performance, elevate the experience and value of every room in the house. Through extensive testing and solution-driven engineering, NanaWall ensures that each of their products perform in various environments and meet the unique needs of every homeowner.

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