Orange October

By Liz Snyder, October 24, 2014

In just the last five seasons, the San Francisco Giants made their third appearance in the World Series earlier this week as they took on the Kansas City Royals. With the series tied 1-1, the Giants are scheduled to play tonight’s game at home.

Thousands of Giants fans will be attending the game and those with seats in the suites are in for a great time. NanaWall’s SL45 folding door systems create a private and comfortable experience for all suite ticket holders. Take a look:

The suites look phenomenal and clean but it’s almost a given that the post-game cleanup crew will find half-chewed hot dogs, half-bitten garlic fries, sunflower seeds and/or peanuts in the bottom tracks but the doors will continue to operate smoothly. Why? Our roller system is engineered to work despite trapped debris, dirt and in this case food. Watch our roller system glide through with a pencil trapped in the tracks.

If you’re going to the game, we encourage you to take pictures and send them our way via Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win a $50 gift card.