Restaurant Trends: Introducing Paired Panels for Limited Space!

By NanaWall Systems, April 4, 2012

Here’s the perfect solution for someone who wants to use a folding system for their large opening, but has limited space to fold and stack the panels. Paired panels allow greater design flexibility because of their unique stacking capabilities. Each pair of panels operates independently from the other with the ability to stack on both sides! The animation below demonstrates how paired panels operate. Benefits with Paired Panels:

  • Can stack all panels to one side. Normally, with a folding system you can only have a maximum of six panels stack to either side.
  • Can have a swing panel hinged to the side jamb, on the same side that the panels stack. Normally, not possible with a folding system.
  • Can have furniture up against the doors on either side and still open and close the panels – ideal when there is limited space

Salito Restaurant [formerly Paradise Bay] in Sausalito, CA used paired panels at their restaurant with an outdoor dining patio. Tables and chairs line either side of the opening, but they do not have to move their furniture when opening and closing the doors. Each paired panel slides along the opening; you do not have to fold them until they reach the wall.

Paired panels are available with our WD65 wood and SL45 aluminum folding systems