Schools & Education: Introducing the Flex Space Solution

Teachers often wish their classrooms were larger, with more storage space. Unfortunately, they can’t magically increase the size of their classroom. But the “Flex Space” concept comes close, allowing optimum use of limited floor space in schools. As a common area between two classrooms, it can be reconfigured for multiple purposes using the folding NanaWall systems. Teachers can use the space to extend their own classroom, to combine classroom activities, or to separate students for specific activities. When the Flex Space was first installed at Burleson Elementary School, teachers Katie and Michelle were unsure whether it would be beneficial or not. However, they ended up utilizing it constantly, discovering how functional and valuable the shared space was. They came up with a list of “100 ways” to use the multi-use space between both their classrooms. Here are some of their ideas:

  • Small readings groups can go to this area for a quiet place to work
  • Monitored space for makeup exams
  • One lab space for a shared program or individual classroom needs
  • Storage area for both rooms
  • Story telling for both rooms using one teacher
  • Cool-off area for students who need a break due to bad behavior
  • Message corridor to send messages to other teacher
  • Safe area to let projects dry
  • Set up area to gather materials for a lesson
  • Food serving area for events with single clean up area