Sound distraction or lack of sonic privacy in the modern office is the largest reason for low employee morale according to a study conducted by the University of Sydney. The modern office is often a collaborative space that utilizes open floor plans and cubicles without the cubes. Open floor plans tend to emphasize natural lighting a lot more than artificial lighting which studies have shown to increase alertness and productivity in employees. These modern office spaces often times look very impressive to prospective hires and visitors, but the modern office space more times than not falls short with a lack of sound privacy. Let's highlight some solutions for this problem that may work for your office. 

Designated Quiet Spaces

Much like a sleeper car on the train or a library, this is a place where employees can go when they need somewhere quiet to work so that they can focus their attentions better to the task at hand. This space is not designed for group work and should be treated as a place of solitary work. Some employees will be more productive in this environment than others. 


Increase Acoustical Privacy in Your Space

Don't sacrifice the elegant design of the modern office, but regain the sound privacy that you want. NanaWall Systems has developed PrivaSEE™ a glass wall system that is both frameless and movable. It has an STC rating of 36 which is better than the rating of most fixed glass partitions. PrivaSEE™ can give any office the sound privacy that it needs at any time just by closing the movable glass doors, all without having to sacrifice the elegant aesthetic of the open floor plan that is the modern office space. 


Contact us to learn more about PrivaSEE™ and how your office space could benefit from more sound privacy.

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