We love our floor tracks, but masters of innovation that we are, we also really love it when our systems can operate without them entirely.

For most opening glass wall applications floor tracks are an absolute necessity – they keep out inclement weather and provide a means for our floor supported products to roll upon, but in interior applications, or in sheltered areas with exceptionally temperate climates where weather is not a concern, a no floor track option is a worthwhile consideration.

One of the major benefits of designing without a floor track is the aesthetics.



Notice how the absence of the floor track in the image above seems to allow an even deeper integration between the indoor and outdoor spaces? Without the delineation created by the floor track, it’s nearly impossible to perceive a distinction between the two spaces once the system is open.



The other benefit to designing without a floor track is ease of installation. When designing for an opening glass wall system without a floor track, panels are securely locked in place with the use of simple floor sockets.



Our HSW60, HSW75, PrivaSEE, CSW75, and HSW66 top-hung product lines can be designed with a no floor track option.



Questions about opening glass walls without floor tracks? Email us at info@nanawall.com

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