Sustainability: Balcony Glazing Technology at Elm Park

By NanaWall Systems, September 9, 2011

Located in the heart of Ireland's capital city, Elm Park is a model of sustainable urban development. Built in 2008 as a green microcosm of apartments, Elm Park is located amogst spacious parklands, with access to the oldest university in Ireland, a golf course, consulates, and embassies.

The six building (1 million plus square footage) project was designed by Merritt Bucholz and Karen McEvor of BMcEA of Dublin/Berlin. This young multi-award team of architects is one of the most successful in Ireland. Their designs embody a respect for craftsmanship; their use of wood, steel, concrete and glass creates symbiosis and contrast. Elm Park provides residents with excellent life quality due to not only the building(s) design and craftsmanship, but the use of an innovative building technology. Balcony Glazing allows the balcony to be used during all seasons, and provides passive solar and cross ventilation, reducing the need for conventional fuel based HVAC systems, while preserving natural resources and providing a comfortable living environment for occupants.

Depending on the weather, the all-glass operable panels of the NanaGlass Sl25 Balcony Glazing System can be partially or fully opened and stowed to the side. This allows the balcony to be used as a thermal cavity when closed, for passive solar, or to gain the benefits of natural ventilation when partially or fully opened. Early studies showed a 60% reduction in carbon emissions for cooling Elm Park, compared to an air-conditioned case model.