The Glorious Glazing Options of NanaWall Opening Glass Walls

By NanaWall Systems, April 17, 2018

When many people look at a pane of glass, they think of it as simply that – glass, without requiring further distinction. However, here at NanaWall Systems, we know that the type of glass makes all the difference.

Our expert knowledge of opening glass walls and the quality of the glass within them has led us to offer numerous glazing options.

Generally speaking, selecting the glazing of an opening glass wall system, requires the consideration of a few factors: insulation, impact, sound, tint, and location - for the purposes of this particular blog, we'll be discussing the first three factors.

Choosing an insulation is largely dependent upon whether a product is being designated as interior or exterior, and what kind of weather conditions it will be exposed to. While single glazing is available for our interior products, the bulk of our products have double or triple insulated glazing to ensure that the weather outside stays outside. Double or triple insulated glazing utilizes multiple panes of glass to help interiors maintain indoor temperatures.

Impact needs can be determined by what kinds of hazards your opening glass wall is likely to come into contact with. In areas where bears or hurricanes are a concern, an opening glass wall system with single or double impact rated glass should be considered. Impact glazing undergoes a tempering process, in which the glass is heated and then rapidly cooled, resulting in glass that is 4 to 5 times stronger than regular glass.

For installations with a focus on sound filtration, many of our opening glass walls feature laminated glass and have been independently tested for STC.

We also offer additional custom glazing options.

Check back in with us later when we'll discuss additional glazing considerations like geographic location and tinting!

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