The Magic of Pure Openings

By NanaWall Systems, April 9, 2018

Opening glass walls are a complex work of architectural engineering, so sometimes when people speak of them there is a lot of jargon that flies around. A jargon-y term we are particularly fond of is “pure openings.” A pure opening is a completely unobstructed aperture created by an operable glass wall whose panels park outside the plane of the opening in a remote location.

For example, here are some pure openings:

Do you see any panels? Neither do we. All of the panels for this system are neatly tucked away in a closet specifically designed for storing them. That’s the magic of this type of ensemble. Want more examples? We can abide that.

Note the panels off to either side, making good use of what would otherwise be dead space:

Pure openings can be created using our individual panel single track sliding systems: HSW60, HSW66, and HSW75.

Additionally, pure openings are possible with our folding systems SL45 with FoldFlat and WD65 with FoldFlat.

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