The Next Generation Folding Glass Wall

By NanaWall Systems, January 15, 2020

As architectural design continues to embrace how buildings, people, and nature interact, along with it comes growing attention to the environment, energy use, healthy living, and wellness in the workplace, hospitality segment, and in schools. This focus results in a continued push for improvement in the materials used to create these buildings. NanaWall Systems takes pride in the continued advancement within the fenestration space.

With cutting-edge engineering, proprietary features, and a few US patents in place, NanaWall NW Aluminum 840 provides the slimmest and most thermally efficient aluminum framed folding glass wall. This next generation bifolding door brands a new level of aesthetics featuring an extremely streamlined appearance with minimal exposed hardware.

The innovative NW Aluminum 840 provides the thinnest aluminum frame of the NanaWall Folding Glass Wall product family. With a frame profile styled in a crisp, angular design, the intersection of two folding glass wall panels is a mere 3 7/8” (99mm) providing clean, never-ending views to the outdoors.

NW Aluminum 840 floor supported panels are capable of heights up to 11’ 6” (3500 mm) and offer the possibility of wider openings with the integration of FourFold and SixFold Panel Sets that move and stack to either side of the opening, providing the ultimate in layout flexibility. As a custom-built architectural solution, this system is available in inswing or outswing configurations and can accommodate open corner designs.

How’s this all made possible? Let’s discuss the patents first:

  • Multifunctional Thermal Break Profile Affords Slim Sightline

The Bionic Turtle® is a patented (US Trademark. No. 5-598.058) polyamide single-piece insulbar design that serves many functions. Not only does it provide an outstanding insulating thermal break within the frame profiles for energy efficiency, but it also serves as a concealed channel to house the system’s locking rods. By being able to combine functions within one element, the Bionic Turtle design allows the slim profile appearance of NW Aluminum 840.

  • Concealed Panel Alignment Means Less Exposed Panel Hinges

The patented TwinX mechanism aligns panels of over 7’ (2150 mm) in height by adding a hidden spring-loaded structural reinforcement feature without the need for an additional exposed hinge in the middle of the system. TwinX interlocks the panels together when the system is closed providing a consistent seal between the panels, specifically engineered to meet higher wind loads.

  • System Width Adjustment Feature for Long-term Tight, Consistent Sealing

System width adjusts with ease. To allow for construction tolerance, a lateral, patented adjustment feature of +/- 3/16” (5 mm) is available at the side jamb. This allows for consistent seal compression within the system and can be adjusted should the need arise.

The NanaWall Difference:

As a NanaWall product, the NW Aluminum 840 has been put through rigorous performance testing for air, water, structural, and forced entry. After all, what sets our products apart is how they perform when closed. This next generation system is designed from the ground up and as a result, is our most thermally efficient aluminum framed folding glass wall.

  • Thermal Efficiency that Meets Building Codes

A fundamental benefit of NW Aluminum 840 is energy efficiency. The system comes standard with continuous seals along the face of each panel frame. Furthermore, standard for each system is two levels of insulating thermal breaks for optimal defense from heat and cold. For projects requiring even more protection, an optional third level may be added.

Generation 4 low profile saddle sill with gothic arch roller

  • Unique Gothic Arch Roller Design Provides Frictionless Smooth Operation

The running carriage rolls on two stainless steel wheels with a unique Gothic arch design supported by a double row of ball bearings. With a 2-point contact of each wheel to the floor track, the system glides quietly and smoothly with less friction by providing an equal distribution of weight on the stainless steel track.

Performance sill for Generation 4 folding glass walls

  • Three Sill Options with High Heel Resistant Feature

NW Aluminum 840 has three sill options: Performance, Low Profile Saddle Sill, and Low Profile Saddle with UniverSILL. Standard to all sills is removable aluminum high heel resistant sill inserts. These inserts provide ADA compliance for the Low Profile Saddle sill. Furthermore, the inserts offer protection from dirt and debris collecting in the bottom track.

  • Multipurpose Frame Insert Provides Continuous Surface at Side Jamb and Head Track

A black polyamide clip-on multipurpose frame insert conceals all visible frame-to-structure attachment points and screw heads creating a clean, even appearance. Additionally, as automation continues to find its way into our dwellings, this frame cover insert creates a hollow space to run and guide concealed cabling for the NW Aluminum 840 to connect to a home security system. And lastly, in addition to the extra boost to thermal and acoustical performance, the multipurpose insert provides an extra cavity to attach a third weatherseal for environments that require even more extreme thermal protection.

Next Generation Folding Glass Wall for Interiors

For interiors, the next generation folding glass wall product line also includes NW Acoustical 645. This system achieves an unprecedented STC 45 within the folding door space. Ideal for offices and schools, explore the many features and benefits of this next generation interior system here.

Final Thoughts

As we roll into 2020 with the vision of the future, the goal is to design and manufacture opening glass wall systems that are progressive and provide solutions to the demands of the design and building industry. With NanaWall Next Generation Folding Glass Walls, specifiers will have the confidence to know that they have specified state-of-the-art products that provide the longevity, performance, and energy efficiency—along with a few slick features—to build buildings of the future and remodel old ones up to the same standards.

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