This Santa Barbara Stunner Is Nailing Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle

By NanaWall Systems, June 18, 2018

NanaWall indoor/outdoor lifestyle Santa Barbara home

Many people think of Santa Barbara as a kind of paradise. The beachfront is seemingly omnipresent, the streets are spotless, it’s sunny, and on any given day, the temperature is likely to be hovering somewhere around seventy degrees. The ideal backdrop for those seeking an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

For our part here at NanaWall, we have recently found ourselves particularly entranced by this lovely little slice of Santa Barbara paradise. The entire rear of the home opens to the view and the outdoor living spaces with three folding glass walls resulting in an authentic immersion with the landscape.

Optimizing Views and the Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle

NanaWall systems provide indoor outdoor lifestyle

Just looking at this house is making us feel more relaxed. Both the interior and exterior spaces offer a welcoming vibe for both homeowners and guests alike. The folding glass walls elevate the ranch-style home with a contemporary appeal without tainting its original aesthetic. Rather, it works in tandem to accommodate the homeowners' indoor/outdoor lifestyle goals. Let’s have a look inside.

NanaWall indoor outdoor lifestyle and endless views

This living room feels especially spacious as its SL45 opening glass wall system ushers in the fresh air and bright sunshine of its outdoor space. Barely-there tracks ensure the unobstructed transition into and out of the interior living spaces. With panels discreetly stacked against one side of the opening, it's almost as if no walls exist there at all.

NanaWall folding window in kitchen

The kitchen is all kinds of delightful. A folding glass window system and matching swing door integrate the kitchen with the outdoor grilling area. The use of FoldFlat on the folding window system allows for maximum countertop space. The window-sized system works alongside the full-size folding glass wall in the living room to brighten the interior and provide ample fresh air while cooking.

NanaWall swing door and folding glass wall

And, if you’ll follow us from this wonderfully modern and on-trend portion of the home to the bedroom…

NanaWall FoldFlat in Santa Barbara bedroom

An updated take on farmhouse-chic lends the interior of the master bedroom a sense of warmth and casual ease, while our SL45 system with FoldFlat provides a feeling of architectural continuity with the rest of the home. If ever one had wished to sleep outside without foregoing the comforts of being inside, this would be an ideal bedroom to emulate.

Indoor outdoor lifestyle with NanaWall systems

The view from here is all the more expansive with the addition of our FoldFlat feature (used in the master bedroom and kitchen window applications), which allows the panels to gracefully fold themselves away, outside the plane of the opening. The use of four NanaWall products at the rear of the home ensures a continual visual line across its expanse and a cohesive design aesthetic.

Final Thoughts

Folding glass walls in every room? Yes, please! With customizable NanaWall systems, you too can achieve an indoor/outdoor lifestyle and invite the benefits of the outdoors in. These flexible openings create seamless transitions to outdoor living spaces for plenty of recreational fun without leaving the comforts of home. Better yet, these easily operable, energy-efficient folding glass walls invite in the fresh air and plenty of natural lighting for bright and airy interiors—all while optimizing picturesque landscape views!

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