Tips and Tricks: 10 Strategies to Make the Most of your Project Budget

By NanaWall Systems, March 29, 2012

Operable glass wall systems vary greatly in price, depending on the system and options you select. If a project specifies a folding door system but has a limited project budget, there are ways to optimize cost! Take a look at some of the suggestions below:

  1. Standard color: NanaWall has taken many of the most popular color choices across leading window brands and created 50 different options to choose from. All 50 colors are available at no additional cost. Go with a standard color.
  2. Reduce the number of panels: Each additional panel comes at an additional cost. Make sure the least amount of panels possible for your opening size is chosen.
  3. Optimize your width and height: For each system there are various price ranges. Sometimes simply shaving a few inches on your height and/or width could save you money. Optimize your opening to the various price ranges. Be flexible with your opening size.
  4. Pick the right system: Be sure not to use a system which may be overkill for your project. Each project has unique goals and challenges. Consider your project goals when selecting one of our 20 available systems.
  5. Focus on one feature area: You see an operable glass wall, love the concept and now want to put it everywhere in your project. Instead focus on one feature area of the project, which can have just as big of an “Awe Factor”.
  6. Factory trained technician: Save in the long term by using a factory trained installer who is familiar with the systems. Most operational problems occur due to incorrect installation, which can incur further costs in the long run.
  7. Simplify your design needs: Operable walls provide tremendous design flexibility, but it’s more cost-effective to take a simpler approach. Use a swing door in your opening instead of a separate entry/exit door to optimize costs. Identify design elements that aren’t crucial to your project.
  8. Energy performance system: Energy Star says it’s common to trace high energy bills to inefficient windows and doors. Factor in long term savings via lower energy bills and get an Energy Star rated door.
  9. Long term durability: Some operable glass walls are designed and built to last. The cheaper option often breaks down more often and needs replacement sooner. It costs more in the long run. Get a system that lasts.
  10. Operate before Purchasing: Take a test drive and see a system in person. Make sure you are satisfied with what you are purchasing. Feel the quality of the product to make sure you are getting a quality product for what you are paying.

Research your options; select the correct system and optimize your opening to make the most of your project budget. Most importantly, work closely with your local NanaWall representative or in house technical team to achieve your goals and overcome any project challenges.