Tips and Tricks: 3 Cool Ways to Use an Operable Glass Wall

By NanaWall Systems, December 1, 2011

Every so often a project comes along that simply makes you stop and wonder in awe. It makes you wonder: who came up with such a unique design and how did they manage to accomplish it? Oftentimes, it's because of products like operable glass walls, which give architects limitless design options and flexibility. Here are 3 unique projects that will leave you in amazement:

1. Sliding Glass Doors Hovering Over a Swimming Pool. The Promontory Club in Utah utilizes a folding door hovering over and dipping into the swimming pool. When it is cold outside, swimmers can enter the pool inside the building, then swim outside. During warmer outside temperatures, the doors can be left open. This transitional pool can be used year round.

2. Folding Doors Opening a Rolling Bed into the Stars. Folding open the large wall allows the custom bed to roll on a track onto the elevated terrace—bringing the indoors out—permitting comfortable nights spent under the moon and stars. Residential Sleeping Porch

3. Folding Window and Door Combination Opening a Kitchen.

This operating system combines a window-size operable wall on a countertop with an adjacent folding door system. The NanaWall Kitchen Transition is a custom window-door combination that opens instantly to create an outdoor kitchen and a sense of spaciousness for everyday use or for entertaining. When closed, the NanaWall Kitchen Transition provides secure weather protection and durability in all climates from California to the Rocky Mountains. Belvedere Kitchen Not floored by these applications? Have you seen a more awesome use of a NanaWall? Share them via our Facebook or Twitter.