Unique Kidney-shaped Bar Design Bisected by Sliding Glass Wall

By NanaWall Systems, October 6, 2021

restaurant with NanaWall sliding glass wall systems

One10 Restaurant in the affluent hamlet of Melville, New York offers its guests an exhilarating dining experience highlighted by modern Italian cuisine and dramatic design features. Co-owner and CFO, Arthur Viana, of Anthony Scotto Restaurants describes the restaurant’s contemporary style as “a hint of an art deco/Jetsons look.” It includes high-vaulted ceilings over large spans with jazzy geometric ceiling tiles, two-story glassed-in wine cellars that look like giant pillars supporting the building, and a color palette of whites, light greys, and blonde wood. But perhaps, the main attraction is the kidney-shaped bar split right in the middle by a NanaWall single track sliding glass wall that transforms the space into two separate barrooms or joins them seamlessly into one.

indoor outdoor dining with sliding glass wall design

A Passion for Al Fresco Dining

Viana, who has a passion for al fresco dining, designs his restaurants himself, seizing opportunities to open a wall and let the outside in. At the same time, his restaurants must be high-performing hospitality spaces that are flexible enough to accommodate public dining and private functions concurrently. Early in its design, One10 was going to have a large outdoor area, with half of the bar extended out under the open sky. Creating One10 from the ground up, he included an open patio directly outside the bar area with an opening wall eliminating any separation between inside and outside. The bar itself extended from the interior right out into the patio, a gleaming white peninsula of beer and cocktails.

unique kindey-shaped bar with sliding glass wall

Year-Round Outdoor Dining Expands Possibilities

Considering inclement weather seasons, a glass conservatory structure was built to create a protective envelope around the patio that still allowed maximum light flow and visual connection to the surrounding landscape. The NanaWall moveable glass systems allow personnel to safeguard the restaurant during cold and rainy seasons while expanding the restaurant’s functionality. With the precision work of Belvedere Brothers Construction, an HSW60 single track sliding glass wall slices the bar in half by passing through a four-inch-wide gap instantly creating two separate multifunctional areas. Both sides are usable year-round, so the restaurant can host a wedding or other private function in one half of the bar while serving a la carte customers in the other half.

sliding glass wall bisects bar

The Single Track Sliding Glass Wall Design Solution

The nine individual aluminum framed panels of the NanaWall HSW60 take an expanse of about 33 feet and are nearly 10 feet tall—it cuts completely across the room. When closed the sliding glass wall has a specified swing door in the guest area, and another in the middle of the bar allowing the bartenders to work on both ends when needed. With a design of such precision, only an individual panel sliding glass wall could glide so effortlessly through this unique architectural feature. A folding door would not be able to achieve the intended vision. The two other moveable glass systems take up widths of 14 feet and 31 feet to enclose a separate dining area.

sliding glass wall at One10 bar

Seamless Transitions

The NanaWall HSW60 features an enhanced horizontal roller and guide track design that allows each individual panel to move effortlessly, allowing personnel to customize panel positioning based on the needs of the day. The incorporated swing doors use a pivoting rounded door panel to prevent accidental pinching in commercial environments. Each of the three top-hung moveable glass systems was specified with ADA compliant low profile saddle sills to facilitate smooths transitions—a detail that the owner finds extremely important. “Being able to walk smoothly from the natural stone floor of the courtyard to the tile floor of the interior barroom was vital,” says Viana. “This zero/zero transition avoids any potential trip hazards and offers a seamless opening.”

moveable glass walls create indoor outdoor bar

Moveable Glass Walls Become Art

When the sliding glass wall is open, the tall siding panels stack in a small area outside the bar. While few customers might notice the details that make this unusual arrangement possible – it all fits together perfectly – the drama of the architectural gesture is deeply satisfying to Viana. One10 is the fifth restaurant where he’s installed NanaWall moveable glass systems. Its invisibility, its fittingness, is precisely what makes it remarkable, and the flexibility it gives to his restaurant operation pays off every night. “I don’t believe in hiding them anymore,” he says. “The NanaWall systems become part of the architecture. If you look at all my applications, there’s no artwork on the walls, there are no pictures, no paintings. The architecture of the building is the artwork. The NanaWall door system is the art.”

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Architect: Frank Relf

Designer: Beth Donner Design

GC: Belvedere Brothers Construction