Why Our Wood Framed Opening Glass Walls Are So Delightful

By NanaWall Systems, February 7, 2018

NanaWall wood opening glass wall systems

We spend a lot of time talking about our aluminum opening glass wall systems, so it can be easy to overlook that we also offer stunningly beautiful wood systems. Wood framed opening glass walls offer a whole new level of design.

Slimmest Wood Framed Folding Glass Wall

Our aluminum systems are glorious, but our wood systems offer an alternative aesthetic all their own.

Wood Framed Opening Glass Walls

Wood systems blend easily with more traditional homes, and lend a different warmth, texture, and feeling to a space than our aluminum systems.

They also have additional insulative properties, which is to say that they are particularly good at keeping interiors nice and cozy.

Most Flexible Folding System in Solid Wood

We offer four standard wood options for our wood framed systems: Sapeli Mahogany, Pine, Meranti, and Western Hemlock. Our wood framed opening glass walls are available with both folding and single track sliding systems.

We also have specialty wood options such as Oak, Cherry, and Maple.

Slimmest Wood Framed Folding Glass Wall

The Pine and Meranti (a popular alternative to Mahogany) options are our most popular selections.

NanaWall WD65 Wood Framed Folding Glass Wall

Each of our wood systems is a solid wood product. Unlike many of our competitors who simply put a wood veneer on an otherwise aluminum system, the frames on our wood systems are solid wood through and through.

Our wood systems are constructed using either triple laminated cross-grain or, for Generation 4 systems, quadruple laminated cross-grain, to accommodate the wood’s natural expansion and contraction.

wood options

Swatches of our Available Wood and Finish Options (pictured above)

These finishes are also available with our clad systems.

Additional specialty wood options may be available upon request, but you’ll want to contact us to ensure their availability.

Questions about our wood systems or available finish options? Contact us here.