Wild Walls: "Rave"-ing about the Best Party Spot in Miami

By , April 20, 2012

Miami is known for its nightlife, with some of the best party hotels and nightclubs in the world. In midst of all the mayhem is NanaWall – partying it up at Awarehouse, rated the Best Place to Throw a Party 2011. It’s not your typical nightclub or soulless event space. Awarehouse is a unique venue, a place where art fanatics can wander through mazes of art exhibits, graffiti artists create pieces live on the patio, and indie-electro music fans bang their heads all night long. It’s a blank canvas to bring any avant-garde idea to life. Our photographer, Lawrence Anderson, visited Awarehouse to shoot the NanaWall accordion doors during a party. But what he didn’t expect was to find himself in the middle of a Rave, with 1500-2500 people in attendance! All of a sudden he was surrounded by glow sticks and house music, while doing a professional photo shoot. But he managed to stay focused, and captured the amazing shots pictured below. Read more about his experience here.

Why is a NanaWall the life of the party? Because it’s perfect for bringing the party outdoors. The 20,000 sq ft gallery space transitions onto a terrace through large folding walls. People spill out of the opening onto a 10,000 sq ft garden, with room for tents, furniture, stages and more. The party just keeps going. Isn’t it so much better when you can party indoors and out?