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At NanaWall, we're dedicated to providing world-class moveable glass wall systems that take your project to the next level. Our blog explores the latest trends in architecture, interior design and related topics.

The Buckingham Barn: A Remodel Fit for Royalty

The remodeled Buckingham Barn Residence is now fit for royalty. One decade ago a lonely barn sat on 11 acres of beautiful Pennsylvanian land. In 2009, Wolstenholme Associates transformed that barn into a 6,330 square foot three-story rural palace.

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Converting Barn to House? We Have the Missing Piece

Some upgrade to the next highest penthouse when they reach their pot of gold; others retreat to a slow wholesome lifestyle of connecting with family and nature. Learn how NanaWall systems help converting barn to house.

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9 Millennial Home Buying Trends

The young homebuyer’s taste has changed. The life, work, priorities, and finances of millennials are different than those of their parents and they’re looking for homes to match the new way of life.

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3 Opportunities for 21st Century Architects

Architects face significant challenges to adapt their ways to the next generation of building. However, 21st Century architects that look deeper into the challenges, find massive opportunity in adopting these modern ways to design.

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Energy-Efficient Building Design: The Existing and Emerging Green Building Certifications

Trends in environmental building design have come and gone. In the 90’s, green building caught America’s attention but the term “green” turned sour with greenwashing. Sustainability took over the mainstream in the 2000’s and now it too is lost in translation and marketing schemes. The rising term is healthy building. No matter what the new trend is, when it comes to improving the built environment there is a single defining challenge: energy-efficient building design.

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Operable Glass Walls that Completely Changed a Building

When deciding on adding an operable glass wall system to your building, specifications are great, but actual images are essential in finalizing your decision. Check out these operable glass walls and how they changed the buildings completely!

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NanaWellness: Enhancing Learning by Bringing Wellness in Education

When thinking of wellness in education, most think of school wellness program ideas like physical education or healthy eating. Those can help instill healthy habits, but a school’s building design is the foundation for the wellness it can offer. NextGen Schools emphasize wellness through building design and, in result, provide a better learning experience.

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