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At NanaWall, we're dedicated to providing world-class moveable glass wall systems that take your project to the next level. Our blog explores the latest trends in architecture, interior design and related topics.

Energy-Efficient Building Design: The Existing and Emerging Green Building Certifications

Trends in environmental building design have come and gone. In the 90’s, green building caught America’s attention but the term “green” turned sour with greenwashing. Sustainability took over the mainstream in the 2000’s and now it too is lost in translation and marketing schemes. The rising term is healthy building. No matter what the new trend is, when it comes to improving the built environment there is a single defining challenge: energy-efficient building design.

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Operable Glass Walls that Completely Changed a Building

When deciding on adding an operable glass wall system to your building, specifications are great, but actual images are essential in finalizing your decision. Check out these operable glass walls and how they changed the buildings completely!

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NanaWellness: Enhancing Learning by Bringing Wellness in Education

When thinking of wellness in education, most think of school wellness program ideas like physical education or healthy eating. Those can help instill healthy habits, but a school’s building design is the foundation for the wellness it can offer. NextGen Schools emphasize wellness through building design and, in result, provide a better learning experience.

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The Psychology of Interior Glass Doors in the Workplace

Have you ever wondered why big companies are moving towards glass wall conference rooms? We break down the reasons why big brands are choosing to improve work culture by targeting their interior setting and how you can too.

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Designs that Inspire: 5 Glass Wall Design Ideas for Office Interiors

Knowing the benefits of using moving glass systems for commercial projects allows you to share the positive benefits with your clients, increasing customer interest and satisfaction with your work overall. NanaWall offers a variety of moving glass systems for offices with the type of variety you’ll be excited to offer. Check out our sliding wall systems and learn more today.

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The 5 Unexpected Benefits of Using Glass Wall Designs for the Home

Knowing the benefits of using exterior glass walls in residential projects can help you promote better results for your customers, and better reviews for you. Take a look at some of the unexpected benefits so you can tell your customers, including better sleep, better mood, decreased heating and electricity costs.

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How to Master Mid-Century Modern Renovation? Tip One: Modernize the Glass Walls

Mid-Century Modern architecture is the result of some of the best architectural minds in American history. Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie homes initially inspired the style. However, architects like Richard Neutra, Charles and Ray Eames, and Eero Saarinen made it their own. Perhaps the best-known example of Mid-Century Modern building comes from the real estate developer, Joseph Eichler.

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Whole Foods Is Making Grocery Shopping Enjoyable Again with Moving Glass Wall Systems

The Whole Foods chain is a leader of premium grocery stores. The quality and nutrition of the food is excellent, but the company differentiates itself through the shopping experience. Every store has neatly organized aisles, employees ready to lend a hand, and aesthetic design. A Whole Foods location in Denver took the shopping experience in its three-story store to an even higher level with moving glass wall systems.

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