How NanaWall creates family spaces of the future?

The Family Space of the future 

The family space of the future brings the outdoors in. Sunlight and fresh air are replacing artificial lighting and air-conditioners; kitchens and living rooms will flow directly onto patios and pool decks with no need for obstructive doors.

Future homes are changing on the inside, too. Homeschooling rooms and home offices can now be visible but separate, and internal spaces will shapeshift between uses with the effortless one-handed slide of a glass wall.

Space Becomes a Focal Point of Your Home

Walk into a home built around a NanaWall, and you’ll know you’ve walked into a family home that’s on-trend, modern, and comfortably functional. Space becomes a focal point of your home, whether it’s an indoor-outdoor kitchen or unobstructed views. And you’ll instantly love the beautiful natural light, fresh air, and tranquility afforded by your proximity to the outdoors. Inside, the seamless transitions between multipurpose rooms are profoundly practical—and on a new build, you can work with your architect to design a functional yet beautiful home.

Families are spending more time at home than ever before, and so it makes sense when embarking on a new build that you focus on what’s important for you right now. But bringing the outside in by using folding glass walls isn’t just a decision for your immediate lifestyle—it will future-proof your home for generations to come.

The visual appeal and health benefits of indoor-outdoor living are clear, and there’s no better way to achieve this when building your dream home than by replacing physical interior and exterior barriers with folding glass walls.

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