Does the benefit outweigh the cost, is it worth the investment?

The Lifestyle Choice Behind NanaWall

Using NanaWall in a new build is not only about the physical investment that you're making in your property - it's also about the many added lifestyle benefits that come with a beautiful, functional folding glass wall.

NanaWall will redefine how your home looks and feels - and it often forms the major talking point and a centerpiece to your home. So dramatic are our folding glass walls that your designer and architect may want to focus your new build around your folding glass wall. And we wouldn't blame them.

A Feature Buyers Seek Out

NanaWall is known to increase the value of homes, and it's a feature many buyers seek out. It's no surprise, therefore, that real estate agents often mention NanaWall in their listings. New homes with NanaWall feel spectacular and seamless in a way that will be an instant conversation starter - now and if you choose to sell your home in the future.


Perfect Choice For Remodeling

However, with a new build, you're likely looking to live in your home before you realize a financial benefit from selling. And NanaWall has you covered here as well. By starting your build with NanaWall as a significant design decision, you're investing in your quality of life. With a new build featuring NanaWall, you can position your home and folding glass wall to maximize natural light and flood your room with fresh, healthy air when you want it - an investment you can't put a price on.

Year-round protection means that you will remain comfortable even when the weather outside turns. And throughout the year, you'll benefit from expansive views offered by our beautiful folding glass walls that bring the outside in yet do not compromise on security.

Year-round protection means that you will remain comfortable even when the weather outside turns.

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