How Does it Work? A Guide to Folding Glass Walls

A woman enjoying the easy operation of a folding glass wall as she stands in front of glass doors

Easy Operation

NanaWall Systems has been a leader in the moveable glass wall industry for over 35 years, and our German-engineered, American-made glass wall solutions are a joy to use.

NanaWall folding glass walls are perfectly suited for a remodel given the various residential solutions we provide – and you can rest easy knowing that there’s no better or easier product on the market when it comes to opening, closing, and overall performance.

Single Handed Opening

Lake-front residential interior with folding desk glass walls

Opening a NanaWall folding glass wall simply requires you to unlock the panels – a task easily performed with a single hand turn. With the panels unlocked, gently push on the connection points – and your glass door is now ready to slide open effortlessly.

Closing your NanaWall system is just as intuitive – follow these intuitive steps in reverse when you want to keep the elements out.

If you’re interested in seeing how this looks in real-world applications, check out the NanaWall Instagram account, or watch this short video to see how easy it is to open and stack a NanaWall:

Get Help With Your Project

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Retail storefront wood framed folding glass walls - Opened interior
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Retail storefront wood framed folding glass walls - Opening interior
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Retail storefront wood framed folding glass walls - Closed interior
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