Minimal Sliding Glass Walls

Minimal Sliding Glass Walls

Minimal Sliding Glass Walls

NanaWall’s minimal framed sliding glass wall system is architectural minimalism at its finest. 

With aluminum framed panels of a mere 1 5/16” (34 mm) producing clean, uniform, and ultra-thin lines for maximum light-filled spaces.

Offering the largest panels available in the NanaWall product line, minimal sliding glass wall panels reach sizes as large as 9’ 10” x 13’ 1" (3000 mm x 4000 mm).

Minimal Sliding Glass Walls System Highlights

Minimal Sliding Glass Wall


Minimal Sliding Glass Walls

Highlights Include:

Beyond producing clean and ultra-thin lines for maximum transparency, NanaWall minimal sliding glass wall systems offer these benefits:

  1. Extremely narrow, uniform panel rails and stiles.
  2. Innovative roller system for smooth sliding and operation.
  3. Interlock design that prevents metal-to-metal contact, creating a soft open and close.
  4. Multipoint tamper-resistant locking system.
  5. Four floor track options to accommodate interior and exterior applications.


Minimal Sliding Glass Walls-Cero


Our minimally framed sliding glass wall, cero® by NanaWall unifies outside with inside by creating seamless spaces that focus on the essential elements of light, form, material, space, and nature. Made up of floor to ceiling sliding glass panels, cero® is known for its German engineering and symmetrical design that creates a picture frame effect around fully transparent views.

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