Maintenance for Coastal Salt Water / Extreme Conditions

Maintenance for Coastal Salt Water / Extreme Conditions

Recommended Maintenance for Extreme Environments

Please note that the environment within one mile of a sea coast can be extremely corrosive. Products installed in this environment will typically deteriorate sooner than products installed in a less severe environment.

1. Open and close completely a unit at least once a week and inspect all surfaces.

a. Salt and other corrosive or abrasive materials such as sand must not be allowed to build up on any surfaces, including all hardware and sill.

b. The sill and head jamb tracks should be free from all dirt and debris.

c. There should be no standing water in the track in the sill.

d. All hardware should be intact and operating properly.

2. All surfaces must be cleaned with a mild detergent soap and fresh water at least every month and more frequently if necessary.

a. After washing, the surface should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water and allowed to dry.

b. For cleaning, do not use abrasive household cleaners or materials like steel wool or hard brushes that can wear and harm finishes.

c. Any glass cleaner used should not be allowed to run down on any other surface.

A unit with nonworking components will subject the other components to increased stress and lead to premature failure.

3. Any breaches in the paint coating, such as scratches, chips or areas of abrasion, must be repaired immediately.

4. Every 3 months, thoroughly clean and dry all upper and lower rollers and all hinges. Liberally apply lubricant such as Teflon spray (no grease) on the wheels and bearings of the rollers. Oil all hinges including the hinge pin with light weight lubricating oil or Teflon spray.

5. As with any painted surface exposed to corrosive environments, every 6 months apply a wax to the outside of the painted panel and painted track. If the system includes corner connections make sure the wax penetrates the connection joints.

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