Project Location

Miami, FL


Wolfberg/Alvarez and Partners Inc.



The unique floor plan provides either an open-concept layout or distinct private workspaces.

The solution emerged from the Miami architecture firm’s unique client-focused design process. “We listen first, then we dig deep to understand challenges and deliver solutions that fit the way people live, work, play and learn,” according to Wolfberg Alvarez, touting the “synergies” of the firm’s integrated architecture and engineering disciplines. In this situation, the unique floor plan provides either “an open-concept layout or distinct private workspaces,” as needed to suit the fast-moving client training operations at Amadeus.

Create Privacy When Needed

With laminated glass and pre-gasketed construction, the project team was confident that the NanaWall system would provide the isolation needed by the client – even without a floor track, which ensured a clean, sleek presentation with no tripping hazard or unsightly floor hardware.

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"The team at NanaWall helped us develop an opaque sound deadening glazing system that afforded the privacy we needed, yet the flexibility to combine smaller spaces to accomodate larger groups. Oppenness and performance all in one."

“We selected NanaWall for two reasons: openness and flexibility. The owners desired privacy for conferences, and openness for gatherings—we achieved both with the use of a folding glass wall from NanaWall.”

“With the curved 60’ wide NanaWall folding glass wall, it was possible to achieve a dramatic visual continuity while respecting the absolute privacy required by a law firm. The resulting flexibility of usage is invaluable.”

“NanaWall makes it easy to change the dynamics of the space with the simple slide of a wall and the functionality and flexibility it provides to our client is invaluable.” 




Floor Plans

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