Auto Showrooms

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Car dealers sell dreams. A NanaWall operable glass wall removes the physical and psychological barriers between clients and dream vehicles.

NanaWall systems gives you the option for wide-open space to seamlessly transition the display lot and showroom floor when open or secure energy efficient weather protection when closed. A NanaWall system installed as a service entrance or in the delivery room allows for easy inventory rotation or an unforgettable drive-off experience for the new car owner.

Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver

To solve the design challenges within this beautiful three-story building, Vancouver based Cheng Architects turned to a NanaWall solution for this dealership’s inventory rotation.

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Manhattan Motorcars Hamptons

The project’s main focus was to design a dealership for high-end cars. But, a unique concept evolved to include a restaurant on the second floor with a viewing platform open to the showroom below.

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Mercedes Benz of Ontario

When designing a new auto showroom in Ontario CA, inventory access presented a unique challenge. As the architect discovered, there are few products which can provide a     9- to 12-foot clear width and still match the interior storefront design.

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