Auto Showrooms Exterior

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Car dealers sell dreams. NanaWall commercial glass sliding door systems remove the physical and psychological barriers between clients and dream vehicles.

NanaWall commercial glass sliding door systems or folding door systems gives you the option for wide-open space to seamlessly transition the display lot and showroom floor when open or secure energy-efficient weather protection when closed.

auto showroom exterior with closed commercial glass sliding door system

Sleek Exterior Commercial Glass Sliding Door Systems for World Class Auto Showrooms

Car dealerships don't just sell vehicles, they sell image, brand, aspiration. Curbside appeal is important—the building, even the door the customer walks through, is an extension the world class brand experience the customer expects. When customers walk onto the showroom floor, they are imagining the feeling of wind in their hair, the performance of the vehicle, and the sound of the engine. NanaWall provides auto dealerships with exterior commercial glass sliding door systems or folding door systems worthy of the car shopping experience.

auto dealership exterior with Folding glass wall large opening doors

Rotate Car Inventory with Ease

The design of NanaWall commercial glass sliding door systems integrates into the glass façade of the storefront building shell. The oversized glass wall systems are effortlessly adaptable to allow for frequent inventory rotation for a varied and exciting display for customers. Easily unlock and open the panels, then drive on through with no need for additional manpower to hold the doors open—simple as that. Best of all, NanaWall exterior glass walls are secure, energy-efficient, and offer amazing weather protection.

audi car being driven through commercial glass sliding door systems at dealership

An Unforgettable Drive-Off Experience

A NanaWall system installed as a service entrance or in the delivery room allows for easy inventory rotation or an unforgettable car delivery experience for the owner. Dealership owners can leverage exterior commercial glass sliding door systems to provide a stunning drive-off experience that makes for a loyal customer in the years ahead. With NanaWall solutions, the transition between interior and exterior is quick and seamless. And most importantly, the sills stand up to the weight of vehicles driving over them.

For real-world examples of how luxury car dealers across North America use NanaWall solutions to enhance the showroom experience, see the project stories below:

Manhattan Motorcars Hamptons

The project’s main focus was to design a dealership for high-end cars. But, a unique concept evolved to include a restaurant on the second floor with a viewing platform open to the showroom below.

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Commercial Glass Sliding Door systems -Lexus dealership cero glass panel exterior door

Designing Luxe Dealerships with cero by NanaWall

Our latest minimal framed sliding glass wall offering, cero, creates a portal through which the consumer can extract a preview of the experience to come even before they enter the actual dealership. They walk up to the gleaming glass panes with an already full view of the shining vehicles that await them within.

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Commercial Glass Sliding Door systems-Porsche Showrooms Exterior with translucence storefront glass door walls

World Class Auto Dealerships Designed with NanaWall Systems

Dealerships sell the idea of travel, transportation, and the possibilities therein. They lead us into a process of imaginative inquiry in which we ask ourselves what would it be like to be behind the wheel of this or that vehicle?

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Hendrick GMC and the Brand Experience

Hendrick Auto Group is known for its elevated customer facing brand experience. Learn how this GMC dealership make car delivery into a world class event.

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Alpha Romeo Dealership Design with Nudell Architects

Howard Nudell, principle of Nudell Architects, explains why he specifies NanaWall opening glass wall for their celebrated auto dealership designs.

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