Auto Showroom Interior

white convertible car parked in front of folding interior moveable glass doors

Auto showrooms showcase the state-of-the-art models of their brand to excite both loyal and new customers.

Interior moveable glass doors offer the flexibility needed to elevate the showroom experience with easy adaptability for car rotation and on-demand private rooms for an utterly unique luxury buying experience.

Lexus Showroom with interior moveable glass doors within an auto showroom

Facilitate Inventory Rotation and Display with Interior Moveable Glass Doors

Use of NanaWall interior moveable glass doors within an auto showroom, provides flexibility and easy rotation of displayed inventory. With opening glass wall system models with frames or without, NanaWall interior moveable glass doors complement the sleek, contemporary aesthetic found within auto showroom design. The easy to operate systems open wide for trouble and damage free rotation of inventory that enthuses customers with the latest models and creates buzz about the dealership.

Mercedes showroom with interior moveable glass doors used for inventory rotation

Enhance the Customer Experience

Multiple systems of interior moveable glass doors can be used to create open options as well as divisions within the showroom, service bays, and sales offices. The glass used within the system can be outfitted with a variety of glass options including frosted, opaque, or with custom interlayers and branding to create the privacy or look and feel required throughout the buying experience. Interior moveable glass doors also provide the sound control needed during sensitive or private transactions with NanaWall interior sound control solutions up to STC 45.

Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver

To solve the design challenges within this beautiful three story building, Vancouver based Cheng Architects turned to a NanaWall solution for this dealership’s inventory rotation.

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Mercedes-Benz of Ontario

When designing a new auto showroom in Ontario CA, inventory access presented a unique challenge. As the architect discovered, there are few products which can provide a     9- to 12-foot clear width and still match the interior storefront design.

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Lexus of Omaha

Learn how this dealership was able to set itself apart from others and improved efficiency. And discover why the sales manager declares, “the design and sophistication of the doors equals that of our Lexus vehicles”.

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